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These skin safe oils last long on the skin and leave you smelling fantastic for hours. They contain no alcohol, fillers or water. Just pure perfume essence in a bed of skin loving oils like sweet almond, Vitamin E and Aloe oils.

MystiScents Luxury Perfume Oils Mystiscents Fragrance oil sprays

Perfume oils are a luxury you have to experience to be in the ‘know’. Our 30ml roll on bottles and 60ml fragrance spray bottles look fabulous on dressing tables! Treat yourself to one..

MystiScents Luxury Bath&Body products features our popular ExPolish, an intense skin exfoliator and polish combined in a moisturizing base. This amazing product has a unique composition and is suitable for the best Home Spa experience.
Our body butters will treat and moisturize your skin leaving it smooth and velvelty to touch.

Our products are natural and of the highest quality available.

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