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Atikah (Purity) The Heiress

Atikah is pure in heart, kind and precious. She is that woman that you remember when the term ‘angel in human form’ comes to mind. She is generous and loving. She is cherished by the people who know her. Her beauty is only surpassed by her beautiful nature. She is unforgettable.

Wear Atikah to remind yourself that you are a beautiful soul. A woman to be loved and cherished. You deserve the very best.

Meet Abike…

Abike (Born to Treasure) The Duchess.

Abike exudes royalty. She is comfortable in her own skin and always makes an appearance everywhere she enters. She has exquisite taste yet she is humble and down to earth. She is beautiful and witty. She loves being catered to and pampered because she deserves it.

Wear Abike to remind yourself that you deserve all the amazing things life has to offer. You attract the very best. You are one in a million. A rare gem.

Gold glass beads in sync with yellow, green and red crystals with our unique combination of love gemstones.

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