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We have added more to our collection. Meet our lovely simple but amazing waist beads…

Asa (Beautiful) The Queen

Asa is that woman whose beauty goes beyond what you see. Her heart of gold makes her quite unforgettable. She is wise, reliable, and strong. She leaves everything better than she found it.

Wear Asa to remind yourself that you are royalty. You are a Queen. A beautiful, strong and an intelligent woman. You deserve everything good because you are a good person. Even when you do good, you will not allow yourself to be exploited. You will always rise above everything that was meant to bring you down.

Gold glass beads in sync with yellow and red crystals with our unique combination of love gemstones.

Model is wearing 2 Asa waist beads

Amara (Grace) The Princess

Amara is graceful, classy and pure in heart. She is about new beginnings and won’t let her past get in the way. She is curious and gives everything her very best. She is very intelligent and has this ‘innocent’ aura but you know she has some experience. She loves to love.

Sparkling white glass beads in perfect sync with turquoise and pink crystals with our unique combination of love gemstones.

Wear Amara because you are beautiful, classy and sophisticated. You are an embodiment of grace. You love yourself enough to attract all that is good and walk away from anything that isn’t good for your body, mind and soul. You will always be that new wine, having new beginnings and discarding all that isn’t for you. Nothing will make you stop believing in your amazing self.

Amara Waist beads

Aküdo (Wealth & Peace) The Diva

Aküdo turns heads wherever she goes. She is not your average girl. She works hard and plays even harder. She gets what she wants and doesn’t apologise for her rather expensive tastes. She is striking so doesn’t need to seek attention. She loves her own company.

Yellow gold glass beads in harmony with champagne and green crystals with Goldstone and our signature love gemstones combination.

Wear Aküdo because you deserve all the good stuff that this world has to give. You work hard and success is sure. You are amazing so you deserve every good thing life blesses you with. You don’t settle for less and you shouldn’t. You are beautiful and even though you know you deserve all the gifts you get, you will not be bought with money. You are priceless.

Aküdo waist beads

We added a new ones darlings! Are you ready?

Atikah (Purity) The Heiress

Atikah is pure in heart, kind and precious. She is that woman that you remember when the term ‘angel in human form’ comes to mind. She is generous and loving. She is cherished by the people who know her. Her beauty is only surpassed by her beautiful nature. She is unforgettable.

Wear Atikah to remind yourself that you are a beautiful soul. A woman to be loved and cherished. You deserve the very best.

Meet Abike…

Abike (Born to Treasure) The Duchess.

Abike exudes royalty. She is comfortable in her own skin and always makes an appearance everywhere she enters. She has exquisite taste yet she is humble and down to earth. She is beautiful and witty. She loves being catered to and pampered because she deserves it.

Wear Abike to remind yourself that you deserve all the amazing things life has to offer. You attract the very best. You are one in a million. A rare gem.

Gold glass beads in sync with yellow, green and red crystals with our unique combination of love gemstones.

These waist beads are NOT your normal ileke. They are very special so wear with intention: For attraction, seduction, sensuality and embracing your female energy. You are a woman. Own it! They come with a gold clasp so you can take them off when you want to.

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Stay beautiful and be bountifully blessed!