african waist beads
Colorful waist beads with gemstones

Waist beads fit only for a queen. Gold glass beads and Moonstone, Garnet, Jade and Agate gemstone beads make this colouful and deliciously simple (double strands morphed into one) waist ornament.

Luxury waist beads with gemstones
Waist beads are indeed sexy. Want to read up on them? Click here


Unlike the standard waist beads, this has a gold plated clasp for times you want to take it off.
This is much more than a waist ornament. It was created with intent. No design is alike in arrangement so what you get is totally yours.
Moonstone, Garnet and Jade have been used for sensuality, attraction, love and even fertility for centuries. Queens wore these gemstones close to their bodies for these reasons.

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