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We already did a post on natural sexual wellness with herbs and spices. Please click here to read ๐Ÿ‘‡

Click below ๐Ÿ‘‡to read about these honey and herb based herbs popularly known in the North as ‘Kayan Mata’. This was mentioned in the Wedding Party movie. These in a nut shell are herbs, spices, drinks, creams, balms etc to treat/manage some intimacy issues some women may have and to generally enhance their sexual experience making it a whole lot better. The gist is It works!

We now have packages for various needs. Please note that we don’t post reviews much. And we are contented in the fact that most if not all of our customers are satisfied with our products. So no you won’t see reviews of these intimate products.
WhatsApp for inquires 08181291663. Only for serious buyers.

Please read the articles provided and to some extent get some information. Follow this page and we will keep bringing you more information on what we do.ย 
We source from families in Nigeria and other African countries who have been producing these for years so you can be sure of the quality. No they may not look fancy but they do what they say.

No they are not magic so we won’t make outlandish claims. But they do work and effectively too. Nature does have answers to everything.ย 

Even though we have products for men, our main focus is the **satisfaction of the woman** because that is the issue in most cases.ย 
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