Nature in its ‘completeness’ has things that not only give us healthy bodies and skin but also a lot to maintain sexual wellness.

Issues like low libido, low sex drive and premature ejaculation have been successfully managed and/or treated using just herbs like Maca, Yohimbe and other herbs that are sold today by big pharmaceutical companies.

There are also herbs sold locally to treat these issues. You see vendors hawking them or selling in kiosks by the road side. Bottles are filled with sticks and leaves for various ailments including sexual related ones.


Herbs, Fruits and Spices found to be natural sexual wellness ‘products’ are:

*Honey *Watermelon (plus seeds) *Chia seeds *Maca *Tongkat Ali *Dates *Fenugreek * Coconut *Strawberries *Ginseng *Ginger *Shatavari (India) *Horny goat weed *Oregano *Cloves *Nutmeg *Saffron *Cinnamon *Cardamom

Every culture has its local remedies some of which have been tested and trusted for decades.

In Northern Nigeria, sexual wellness products like aphrodisiacs are made with nuts, herbs and roots.

One mix that is getting quite popular is a drink made with dates, coconut and tigernuts. These three are blended together and the ‘juice’ extracted. Some add ginger and just a tiny bit of honey to the drink. This is said to relax both men and women and acts as an aphrodisiac. When chilled, this drink is uniquely delicious!

Kayan Mata, a set of traditional prepared aphrodisiacs and sexual products specially made for women is also gaining popularity even though it is mostly used by women in Northern Nigeria. These products which include drinks, ointments, balms, insertions, soaps and fragrances are used to treat/manage issues women face after childbirth eg decreased libido, slacking of the vaginal walls, dryness etc.

These products are not voodoo. They are simply a mixture of herbs, fruits and spices. Like the typical herbal drink for malaria or constipation. Most of them contain original unadulterated honey which is actually an effective aphrodisiac.

One tip: If you don’t ‘feel much’ during intercourse with your husband or you don’t climax or even get close to that, get some cloves and soak them in water overnight. They would be soft enough to be blended. Blend with honey and eat as a snack. Eat dates. Do kegel exercises to tighten up your vaginal walls. Love yourself enough.

Some of these products for men and women will be available soon with information on how to use them effectively.