Whether you are using lightening creams to even out your complexion, to fade dark spots and marks or to lighten a sun tanned skin, you need to practise these to avoid all the issues people usually get. Even expensive skin lightening brands can get you issues like stretch marks and dark knuckles when used wrongly. A simple search on Google will confirm this. Even natural lighteners like the popular Kojic acid isn’t left out.

So how do you avoid these issues?

1. DO NOT use any skin lightening cream 7 days a week. This is the no 1 reason why people ruin their skin. Take breaks at least 2 times a week. During the break, use baby lotion or a non lightening body butter. Use coconut oil, Olive oil or Shea butter to heal your skin. Do not use a lightening soap either. Use Original Moroccan black soap to heal your skin.

2. Use your lightening creams mostly at night. Even if your vendor says it can be used in the day, NEVER use when the weather is very hot and you have to be in the sun for a while. You can when the weather is cool like during the rainy season.

3. Wash your hands after using a lightening cream and use a hand lotion immediately. Own a hand lotion. That way you can prevent dark knuckles. Especially if you have dry or sensitive skin. Use a hand cream after exposing your hand to water and detergent. Note: Naturally, your knuckles should be a bit darker than the rest of your fingers. Don’t harm yourself trying to make it all even especially by using peels. Many people who don’t use peels correctly, make matters worse in the process. Be highly informed before using one when you have the issue of very dark knuckles.

4. Make sure the lightener you are using is also a moisturiser. If it is not, you will DEFINITELY have issues. If it leaves you very dry, it has a high tendency of giving you stretch marks. No matter how ‘white’ you look, STOP now!

5. DO NOT BE IN A HURRY. ‘White in 3 days’ can only mean it is a fib or the actives are added beyond what the skin can handle. The result? Issues that will have you clicking on every skincare ad on Facebook in search of a cure. Cream induced stretch marks has risen to the number one issue many ladies have. Avoid this by shying away from’fast action’ creams. You have time. The health of your skin is way more important.

5. When your desired shade has been achieved, switch to a maintenance regimen and sunscreen. Many ladies will keep using strong lighteners until their skin becomes paper thin and then blame it on the cream. Once your skin starts showing signs of ‘this is too much’, STOP. Heal your skin inside out and detoxify.

6. Use Sunscreen. SPF 45 and above. Some people say some brands make them dark so they avoid using sunscreen. Have it anyway. It helps a lot. Wear sun glasses to protect your eye area. Use a scarf to protect your neck area.

7. Exfoliate. We have covered why you need to exfoliate and even introduced our Flawless Diva kit that most people have enjoyed and still enjoying. Sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, Moroccan Beldi and Kessa, apricot scrubs etc; just exfoliate at least once a week.

8. Replenish Collagen: Some skin lighteners make your skin thin thereby making you easily bruised. Harsh products also age the skin and give stretch marks and green veins. These issues can be treated by taking collagen and vitamin c orally. If your skin is damaged or just not what it used to be, then you should get these supplements and heal from inside out.

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Stay fabulous!


Note: Not everyone that uses skin lighteners does it ‘just because’ or have deep seated issues. Issues like dark acne marks, dark spots, hypergimentation caused by a plethora of things, sun tan, sunburns etc are valid reasons why one would want to even out their skin. We are not oblivious of the fact that skin depigmentation has become a norm which is not right. This article is to shed some light on the general issues and inform people.