MystiScents Beldi Original

This pasty soap used by Moroccan women in the Hammam bath ritual not only thoroughly exfoliates the skin but softens and heals it. The high content of Vitamin E in this natural product makes your skin glow and keeps it healthy.

Beldi Original and Kessa glove

How to use Moroccan Black Beldi Soap at home.
If you don’t have a sauna, don’t worry you can still use this special soap and get maximum benefits. You will need hot water. As hot as your body can take.

💧First moisten your skin with the hot water.

💧Take a small quantity of the soap as you really don’t need much and smooth it out on your entire body. Though it foams, but not as much as regular soap. Wait for a few minutes for the soap to do its magic.

💧At this stage, you can choose between:

**Rinsing your body after a few minutes, allowing it to dry a little and using the Kessa to scrub your entire body. This way you will see the dry dead skin being scrubbed off. This may be harsh for some people’s skin.


**Using the Kessa to scrub when the soap is still on your body. The Kessa shouldn’t be used with too much pressure. Just enough to scrub off dirt and dead skin.

💧Rinse thoroughly with hot water. Follow up by using close water to close your pores.

In traditional Hammam, the rhassoul clay is used to mask the entire body and washed off followed by Argan oil. But at home after using this soap you can use a good moisturiser to finish off. You MUST use a moisturizer after using this soap.

MystiScents Moroccan Beldi and Kessa Glove

Use 2 times a week.