Yes it is probably worth the double exclamation marks and capitals. We all desire great skin and somehow some of us don’t get it and we don’t know why. Now don’t be too hard on yourself. You might have a few skin issues that come occasionally; that’s okay. We all have that. But to keep your skin great most of the time, you need to read this. You might have heard about some of them and not others. Read to the end.

1. Drink lots of water: This is no 1 for all the right reasons. No explanation needed. Water is your best friend.

2. Exfoliate: A lot of beauticians give people with skin issues creams and potions that cost an arm and a kidney while some of these issues can be solved by good old exfoliation. Dead skin can be the reason for patchy uneven skin. Whether it is done in a spa or in your home, give yourself a good scrub with the right products once a week and watch your skin become better.

3. Moisturise: As you hydrate with water on the inside, get a great moisturiser and hydrate on the outside. Moisturisers give the best results when you use them right after a shower or a bath to seal in the moisture. If your skin is always moisturised, it will hardly age. Use products that don’t contain parabens and are completely natural. Read labels.

4. Use Sunscreen/Sunblock: The sun can be harmful to the skin as over exposure ages the skin. So use sunscreen every time you want to go out there. It is not a myth. You will age better if you always use sun protection products.

5. Cleanse and Tone: A good cleansing and toning regime is very important. It helps keep skin issues at bay.

Now these tips are the ones that are very particular. And important.

° Take Vitamin C supplements. 1000mg a day (consult your doctor before you do this). Fish oils and Vitamin E are also great. Take a ‘one a day’ vitamin.

° If you use skin lightening creams, don’t use them everyday. Use them 4/5 times a week. Allow 2/3 days for your skin to rest. (Even natural lighteners) Won’t stop your progress and your skin will look better. Use plain moisturisers or skin butters during the break.

° Use oils and butter based products. They nourish your skin and your skin will be better for it. Some so called butters have parabens in them. Do not use those. Buy handmade and fresh.

° Consult a dermatologist for some skin issues and not a ‘beautician’. A beauty house might have the short term solution but a dermatologist will have a long term solution to the issues. Some issues like severe acne can only be treated well in a medical skin clinic.

° Drink fresh fruit juices and smoothies. Not the store bought ones. These help regular bowel movement and clears up your skin. Do a detox with fruits and vegetables and see the difference in your skin.

° Find good soapless bath washes and use them sometimes. They don’t upset the normal PH balance of the skin. And this makes some skin issues disappear on their own.

° Don’t use makeup everyday. If you must, then find time not to. Don’t meet up with people or go out. Your skin needs you more than them. Most makeup products contain things that are bad for the skin and can clog pores.

° Don’t overdo things. Over exfoliate, excessive usage of beauty products etc.

° Exercise and improve your diet!!!!! But we know this is very important don’t we?

Stay fabulous!