The difference between your skin and that lady’s skin you admire so much might just be her choice of exfoliation goods. Of course you want your skin to be brighter, soft & smooth to touch and glowing like the sun!

We have the perfect spa experience in a cute bag for you to achieve exactly that.

Used 2wice a week the first 2weeks and once a week afterwards, you will watch your skin transform to that beautiful skin you have always admired. 100% organic!

Exfoliation (done right & with the right products) is key to getting flawless skin. Our combo of quality products will get you there effortlessly.

You get:

✨ 450g Original Morrocan Beldi with Olive, Argan and Eucalyptus oils (used in Turkish & Morrocan bath/spa houses)

✨ 600g Deep sea spa salt(enrinched with minerals specifically for skin beauty & overall health) infused with Rose oil

✨ Korean Italy towel/Kessa glove (Takes off dead skin effectively)

✨ Luxury Treatment Body butter cream with Argan oil plus 8 skin loving oils. (One of the best skin foods ever!)

All packed in a cute bag. Early orders will get 💃a free skin lightening soap!💃
Prices range from N7,000(simple kit)- N12,500 (full kit)
These products are quality spa grade products so you get the same experience as you get in a spa right in the comfort of your home.

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Only available while stocks lasts.
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Stay fabulous!