Hello guys, we at MystiScents have been testing a pheromone product for weeks now and still testing. We do have to tell you guys what we think about it and will bring more information your way.
The products tested are Captain for Him and Captain for Her from Pheromone Treasures. These products were not free samples but products we bought for the purpose of testing. John of Pheromone Treasures really is a nice guy though and his products are reasonably priced.

The Product…
Captain is an Alpha product but it isn’t aggressive. It is supposed to make you a captain that people want to follow willingly not because you forced them to. You will be the one people listen to and look up to. Now pheromones are not magic. Look at it as icing on the cake. The cake has to be good with or without the icing. You have to be all you want to be seen as and then the pheromones can add that extra boost and charm.

Few Observations…
1. Before now, we believed pheromones smelt really bad. Like pee as that was what some people said. We got ours with a cover scent though. Vanilla for her and Pheromone Treasures’s Cold Water for Him. It didn’t smell so bad. Yes, it smells distinctively different and sharp but not really bad. Or it just might be this particular product, Captain.

2. The products had self effects on the female and male testers. You can feel a surge of confidence when wearing this. Just a spray and you feel yourself smiling more, talking more and doing more.

I walked taller and felt more in control. I did have a confidence boost.
                                           ~  Male tester

3. Subtle effects on other people: Our testers saw very subtle effects on people they met wearing .

People did act a bit differently around me. They wanted to help me pick up stuff, smiled a lot and basically wanted to be friends with me. Could this be a coincidence? I am still testing. Love the experience!
                                     ~ Female tester.

We will keep posting the experiences they have with this product and possibly other pheromone products.

Stay tuned. Stay fab!