Have you tried our Body Butters yet? Below are 5 wonderful reasons why you should get yourself these amazing skin nourishing treats!

😍 Our Body Butters are completely natural. No dyes, colourings or parabens. The fragrance used in our Butters is an essential oil blend.

😍 Our Luxury Treatment Butter is one of a kind! The best skin beautifying and nourishing Oils combined in one product to give your skin the very best it deserves.

😍 Our Coffee Body Butter is made with the rare and expensive Arabica coffee oil and helps in treatment of cellulite.

😍 Our Body Butters leave your skin smooth, silky, nourished and pleasantly scented.

😍 MystiScents is all about Luxury you can afford. Our Butters are made with the best materials but is still very reasonably priced.

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Treat yourself to some Luxury. You know you deserve it.

Stay beautiful.