Good skincare includes proper exfoliation and moisturizing regularly. Exfoliation helps the skin get rid of dead cells to reveal a smoother and brighter complexion and moisturizing helps keep your skin soft and healthy.

The difference between a body scrub and a body polish is that the body scrub just exfoliates and a body polish exfoliates and adds back the moisture that was stripped from the skin during exfoliation.

A body scrub, body polish and moisturizer rolled in one amazing product? That is MystiScents ExPolish!

MystiScents ExPolish is an intense body exfoliator and polish combined in a highly moisturizing base for the smoothest and softest skin. Its unique composition combines very effective but natural ingredients to thoroughly polish your skin, brighten and even your complexion and gives you a glow! This is a spa in a bottle so you can experience the luxury of having your skin pampered in the comfort of your home. Contains natural skin pampering ingredients like goat’s milk, pure honey and virgin coconut oil.

How to use

Massage MystiScents ExPolish all over your dry skin. Scrub in circular motion with your palms or an exfoliating glove for an intense action. Wash with warm water.

Treat yourself to some luxury. You deserve it.